When I had my tough weekend, about three weeks after my diagnosis, there was a lot of weeping. I had started researching Meniere’s Disease and was completely freaking out: hearing loss, potential deafness, potential disability… When the vertigo hit, it hit out of nowhere, the room was violently spinning, and lying down immediately was the safest option.

All I could think was: How can I ever plan anything ever again? How can I book a trip, or go to yoga, or go anywhere, really, without knowing whether or not I am going to get dizzy?

I worried about whether I could work. I worried about whether I could travel. I worried about whether I could leave my house.

And then one day, I started laughing.

I thought about all the times that trips get cancelled, flights are delayed, people get the flu. S#*t happens. No one is in control. Of anything!

We just THINK we are.

I realized that there was no way I could possibly feel well by acting sick.

So I stopped acting sick. I went to yoga class and parked my mat near the back wall in case I needed to lean on it. I made a flight reservation to visit wonderful friends in Portland. I said yes to a potential overseas trip in November. I kept saying yes, and investigating, and researching, and started feeling better.

Today is all we have, truly, so don’t wait. Take that step, say yes, keep moving. And don’t act sick, no matter what is going on.