How-To Videos

Learn how-to cook migraine-friendly meals.  Pick up some new kitchen skills or watch a migraine product review by Stephanie Weaver.

Stephanie’s interview and guest cooking series are available at the link below on These series feature conversations with authors, health professionals, and patient-advocates on migraines, chronic pain, and other topics.

Migraine Relief Interview Series

Migraine-Friendly Cooking

Kitchen How-To:  Vegetables & Knife Skills

Stephanie Weaver demonstrates cooking techniques for vegetables and some knife skills that will sharpen up your time in the kitchen. We’re making migraine-friendly roasted veggies, Indian-inspired rice, veggie fries, and more.

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Kitchen How-To: Meat & Poultry

Stephanie Weaver demonstrates techniques for preparing and cooking migraine-friendly meat and broth dishes.  We’re making roasted chicken, spicy turkey meatballs, salt-free broth , chicken laarb and more with the oven, skillet, and Instant Pot.

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Breakfast Recipes

Stephanie Weaver shows you how to make migraine-friendly breakfast dishes.  Learn how to prepare breakfast hash, sausage hash, berry-mint smoothies, frittatas, and homemade granola.

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Lunch Recipes

Stephanie Weaver makes migraine-friendly lunch.  Cook along as she prepares curried chicken salad, grain bowls, lentil sloppy joes, and more using the skillet and Instant Pot.

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Dinner Recipes

Who’s ready for migraine-friendly dinner?  Join Stephanie as she prepares paleo dirty rice, veggie burgers, chicken pot pie, vegetable lasagna and more using the oven, skillet and Instant Pot.

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Podcast: Migraine Again

Stephanie Weaver discusses migraine research and the role of diet in a recorded podcast featuring The Migraine Relief Plan book.

Recorded via Skype.