Picnic Rice Salad by Confessions of a FoodieAni brought this divine salad to our little get-together on Sunday, along with her sweet rescue dog Starbuck. Her touching post about rescuing Starbuck is moving and lovely. If you aren’t reading her absolutely gorgeous blog, please start following her.
Starbuck on rescue day | Confessions of a FoodieThis time of year, late July and early August, holds a special place in my heart. Three years ago, on July 29th, I took my dinner break from work and headed over to the San Diego Humane Society/ASPCA to look at a dog that I’d seen on their website… Lettie worked her way loose from the volunteer and walked over towards me, tail wagging, butt wiggling, she rubbed up against my legs like my cat used to do, licked my hand and sat in front of me, eyes looking up towards me. It was then that I understood the phrase, “puppy dog eyes” and that was it. That was the moment I fell in love with this little fur baby of mine.  Read the rest of Ani’s post here.