Doggy pupsicles from Wok And SkilletThis guest post courtesy of Charmaine, a new food blogger friend from the Pacific Northwest who also is a dog lover. Charmaine writes the super-cute blog Wok and Skillet. Please check it out for her recipe for doggie pupsicles, which I know Daisy will LOVE.

I am in denial that summer is coming to an end. We were very fortunate to have gorgeous weather here in the Pacific Northwest this year. Our little chihuahua, Sophie, has been enjoying the sunshine. We often catch her laying in the sun, enjoying the warmth.

She is so much fun. When she first came into our lives, she was really nervous around people so we think that her previous owners were not very kind to her. Now, she is the friendliest dog ever! She loves people and she loooooves attention. So if you ever come visit, prepare to be smothered by Sophie!!”

I hope to meet Sophie in person the next time I get up to Oregon. Thanks again, Char!

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