Travelling breakfast gluten-free

Chia Goodness cereal, blueberries, tea, GF toast with almond butter and honey

I was traveling most of this week, but still tried to follow October Unprocessed. So, how did that work? In Portland, Oregon, staying at a like-minded friend’s house, it was easy. But I’ll share some strategies that will help you live an unprocessed life even if you’re in a less user-friendly environment.

This breakfast cereal, called Chia Goodness, is a mixture of raw chia, hemp, and buckwheat seeds, along with sea salt. (I’ll post a recipe soon.) It’s super-high protein, easy to pack, and you can mix it with fruit juice, milk (any kind) or yogurt and it magically thickens up. Makes a GF vegan breakfast easy when you are on the go. (The texture is a little weird and gelatinous, just to warn you.)
travel lunch glutenfreeWhen eating out, use your smartphone or ask around for the nearest restaurant that might have healthy options. I had to walk four extra blocks to eat at Laughing Planet, but this delicious Chairman Meow bowl (steamed Asian veggies, rice, tempeh, peanut sauce) was worth it!
travel dinner glutenfreeEven if you aren’t staying with like-minded friends, you can bring or buy gluten-free pasta and swap it out for regular pasta. These brown rice radiatore were a big hit, and we served them with jarred pasta sauce, pesto, and a side salad. Easy peasy.
101611_1BreakfastOne challenge with unprocessed food is the cooking time, and when I get back home there’s often an empty fridge. I try to think ahead before a trip and leave at least one thing in the freezer that I can thaw and eat the next morning… cooked brown rice, dal or chili, etc. While this creamy dal over brown rice isn’t the prettiest breakfast I’ve ever eaten, it did the trick. Homemade kombucha (recipe soon) was already in the fridge.
101611_LunchI picked up my *CSA share this morning, and had a lot of veggie cleaning and organizing to do. So I washed and steamed the beet greens, heated up some more dal and rice, and stirred in some sauerkraut I made two weeks ago. I also tossed the fresh mint into my water pitcher to jazz up my water. *CSA=community supported agriculture, a weekly box of local organic produce that you pay for in advance, at about 20% off farmer’s market prices. Mine is Garden of Eden Organics.
101611_DinnerWhen you’re still tired from traveling, you don’t always feel like cooking. One super-easy way to get around this is just a big veggie roast. I cut a butternut squash in half (placing it cut-side down), washed the beets and a sweet potato, and tossed pearl onions, quartered potatoes, halved cremini mushrooms, and last week’s tired carrots in olive oil and spices. An hour or so later (at 400 F/180C), everything was baked and lovely. The extra veggies will turn into at least one soup this week too.

I am feeling excellent on the Unprocessed plan, and can’t believe we’re at the halfway point. If you’re trying Unprocessed this month, how is it going for you? (And if you want to see all my meals, follow me on Facebook.) Taking pix at restaurants of all my meals for Facebook has led to some interesting conversations, especially with my new clients in Portland.

Today’s post is part of our mission to help you build a healthy life through food and lifestyle choices. Look for posts on Mondays featuring gluten-free, sugar-free recipes made with healthy plant-based ingredients.