Cover art for Golden Angels e-book by Recipe RenovatorSuper excited to be able to show you guys! Thanks to everyone who voted… I read and reflected upon all your comments. This design includes the actual silhouettes of puppy Daisy and grown-up Buddy Girl.

Now I need your help. The book will be finished soon is now available for Amazon Kindle: Golden Angels: Lessons in Love and Loss from Buddy Girl and Daisy May.

I’m looking for people with KINDLES to read it, make sure it looks okay on a Kindle and Kindle Fire, and be ready to write reviews when it goes live on Amazon.

There will be versions for the Nook and Kobo later, as well as an enhanced iPad version with video. But the Kindle version will be first.

Of course you get a free review copy! All I ask is that you help test it out, and that you write a review lickety split when I let you know it’s for sale on Amazon.

Please email me if you are interested! reciperenovator [at] gmail [dot] com.