La Bicyclette Restaurant signOne of the highlights of the Dole Salad Summit was lunch at this delightful restaurant, La Bicyclette. We descended upon them, a pack of hungry food bloggers, cameras in hand. We “special needs” diners all sat together, to make it a smidge easier on them. We also snagged the table with the best light. Many, many thanks to them for making it possible for us to enjoy the meal with our colleagues. While we couldn’t have the pizza or the planned dessert, we still left sated and happy. If you are ever in Carmel, California, don’t miss it.

La Bicyclette restaurant menu

A special menu just for us, featuring Dole’s fresh produce

La Bicyclette restaurant beet salad

Roasted baby beets, Dole spring mix, vinaigrette

La Bicyclette restaurant Nantes carrot risotto

Nantes carrot risotto with truffle-marinated artichokes (vegan)

La Bicyclette restaurant roasted vegetable platter

Special roasted vegetable platter (instead of the pizza)

La Bicyclette restaurant sea salt container

Sea salt

La Bicyclette restaurant pizza

House-made lamb Merguez sausage pizza, mint pesto, Provencale black olives

La Bicyclette pizza with butternut squash

Butternut squash, sage, Gruyere, speck ham, Dole arugula pizza

Almond cream fresh fruit tart

Almond cream fresh fruit tart with Dole strawberries, blackberries, & blueberries

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse, loved the bowl!

Fresh Dole berries with mint, insanely good

Fresh Dole berries with mint, insanely good

While Dole paid for my travel, accommodations, and this meal, I was not paid to attend nor was I asked to post about the experience. I dealt with that little ethical dilemma in this post.