ReflectSometimes in life we get an opportunity to take a step back and look at ourselves. This might not be fun, but if you embrace the chance, it can afford you some personal growth. I was recently given some feedback about myself that felt—honestly—pretty terrible. And it caused me to question myself. Was I really a nice person? Was what this person saying about me true?

In short, the comments caused me to question my core identity, both the way I think about myself and the way I present myself to the world.

My first reaction was to ask others around me for validation, but then I realized it was exactly the same thing. I had to look within myself… to know whether these comments were a truth or not.

If I depended on friends to reassure me that the commenter was off base, I was still relying on others for my identity.

So I spent some time thinking and meditating on the comments. It gave me some insights into myself, into the commenter, and may help me in the future with my relationships.

In the end, the comments may be the “truth” for the commenter; they did not feel like my truth. But the process afforded me the chance to take a step back and look critically at myself, and that is always a gift.

Have you ever received difficult feedback? How did you handle it?

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