Liebster Blog AwardLast week I received this very nice comment:

Hi Stephanie,
I am visiting to nominate you for a Liebster Blog Award, the award for small blogs (under 200 subscribers) that deserve more attention. Your friend Lisa H. put me on to your site and I think my gluten-free friends will love it (I am a picky omnivore with a passion for seasonal food). Read more about the award and rules on my Apple Cake post at The Kale Chronicles.
Cheers! Sharyn

Sharyn, thank you so much! In the spirit of paying it forward and helping my readers find some new blogs they will love, I’m nominating the following five blogs for the Liebster Award. Please visit them soon!

Eating Clean Recipes
I met Jen last January at Food Blogger Camp and we instantly connected because of our love of light, healthy cooking. Jen consistently creates healthy, delicious-looking dishes and snacks and I appreciate her pretty photographs as well.

Olives for Dinner
I love Erin’s sense of humor as she works out how to eat for herself (vegan) and her husband (meat and potatoes). While this blog is not gluten-free, I get tons of recipes and inspiration from her.

Leafy Greens and Me
Tanya and I started corresponding after I wrote and told her that I feel like she’s my alter-ego, posting exactly the sort of dishes I would make that day. Except that she’s a trained chef and sommelier, and a full vegan after dealing with cancer. And she’s prolific! Posting delicious-looking recipes nearly every day. Yum.

Liz the Chef
“Cooking from my family’s heart.” Liz is a local food blogger who is new to the scene. We met at Camp Blogaway and also see each other through local food blogging events. She’s funny and having a great time figuring out blogging. She also has a passion for Meyer Lemons. She’s not a trained chef; she has a very funny story about how her blog got its name.

The Copycat Cook
Sondi is another blogger who might be me in a parallel Universe. Her recipes are super-creative and I can’t wait to meet her in person. Vegetarian, gluten- and dairy-free recipes mean that I can make nearly everything on her blog. Mmmmm.

The Liebster Award is given to blogs with fewer than 200 subscribers by a blogger who feels they deserve more recognition.

Rules are:
1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

Today’s post is part of our mission to help you build a healthy life through food and lifestyle choices. Look for posts on Mondays featuring gluten-free, sugar-free recipes made with healthy plant-based ingredients.