Recipe Renovator Kickstarter goalThanks to 44 wonderful backers, we made our initial goal of $2,500 in the first week on Kickstarter. That is totally awesome and I am so grateful.

But wait, there’s more.

It’s on to the bigger print run and setting up book tour dates for next year. Here’s my big, hairy, audacious goal: $12,000. If everyone who follows my Facebook page gave $5 today, I would reach that goal. Whaddaya think guys? If you’ve read and enjoyed my blog and recipes, can you spare $5 to help support this?

$12,000 will print 2,000 copies of the book, allowing me to get it into independent bookstores, pet boutiques, and similar locations. It will fund a 4-6 city West coast tour.

If you run a book club, please consider funding at the Book Club Patron level of $300. I’ll bake (and ship) cookies for your group, send you ten autographed copies signed by me and Daisy, and will do a Skype or Google Hangout chat with you (Daisy too!). While I know not every book club has the means to do that, many could afford $30 a person for a special event like this.

If you want me to visit your West Coast city, choose the $750 West Coast Patron funding level and I’ll add your city to my list.

If you would like me to visit your city or town anywhere in the U.S., gather enough support to be a Book Tour Angel ($1,250) and I’ll happily fly out to meet with your book club, dog meet-up group, bookstore, culinary shop, Slow Food group, or pet store. I’ll do a book talk, book signing, or cooking demonstration for you.

Please keep spreading the word: $12,000 IS MY ULTIMATE GOAL.