Easy, perfect guacamoleHaving a Cinco de Mayo celebration? Or, just want an excuse to eat yummy Mexican food? Whatever the reason, I’ve got tons of great recipes to get you into the spirit, including my perfect guacamole.
Roasted Tomatillo SalsaRoasted tomatillo and avocado salsaMango Nectarine SalsaMango-nectarine salsa

Side dishes
Salsa riceSalsa riceTofuMigasTofu migasMexican fried riceMexican fried rice

Vegan Street tacos for Super Bowl SundayStreet tacosVegan Fish TacosVegan “fish” tacosPotato Poblano Chorizo TacosPoblano potato and chorizo tacos

Watermelon granitaTequila-lime-watermelon granitaMargarita SorbetMargarita sorbetPrickly Pear sorbetPrickly pear sorbet

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