Burgers for Memorial Day from Recipe Renovator Here are some of my favorite recipes so your holiday can be delicious, healthy, and fun. Start with these patriotic veggie burgers made with heirloom tomatoes and all-American pickles.

Healthy 4th of July BBQ or picnic menu
BBQ tofu sandwichHomemade BBQ sauce This is great on chicken, tofu, or tempehVegan Sloppy Joes for Memorial DayVegan sloppy joesSteak and roasted potato salad | Photo by Rustic Garden Bistro for Recipe RenovatorSteak and roasted potato salad Super-easy to do on the grill. Add in some portobello mushrooms for a vegetarian option. Photo by Rustic Garden Bistro.

Three Bean and Potato Salad from Recipe Renovator

Three bean and potato salad.

Pesto corn on the cob: Mix pre-made pesto with olive oil and brush the mixture on freshly grilled corn on the cob instead of using butter.

Baked Beans without sugar from Recipe RenovatorBaked beans without sugar

German pGerman potato salad with vegan coconut bacon | Recipe Renovatorotato salad vegan coconut baconGerman potato salad with vegan coconut bacon bits

Quick mustard potato salad: Bake or boil potatoes until cooked. Cut into cubes and toss with Joe’s Mustard Sauce for a healthy take on potato salad.

Mango Nectarine SalsaMango-nectarine salsa with lightly salted (or baked) corn chips.

Crispy Asian slaw by Recipe RenovatorCrispy Asian slaw instead of heavy cole slaw. Use black sesame seeds to give it plenty of visual appeal.

Strawberry Rhubarb Cherry Pie glutenfree sugarfreeStrawberry-rhubarb-cherry pie Substitute canned cherries if you can’t get fresh strawberries or rhubarb.

Blueberry Pie gluten-free sugarfree healthy recipeClassic blueberry pie

Strawberry and blueberry mini cake with creamy toppingBerry cakes with creamy vanilla sauce

Have a safe, healthy holiday.

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