Cover art for Golden Angels e-book by Recipe RenovatorI am very excited to announce that my book is now available! Currently available on Amazon for Kindle (and Kindle apps). You can read a Kindle book on any computer with their free software. Available on all the other e-retailers in May.

13 inspirational essays. 13 delicious recipes.

This collection of inspirational essays explores the life lessons learned from the loss of my first beloved dog and the puppy who followed her. Each essay closes with a unique recipe that brings the story to life. The recipes—some for people, some for dogs, some for people and dogs—add a wonderful, charming twist that makes this book unique. The book is “a sweet, moving tribute, a love letter, and a testimony to our deep and abiding capacity for love.”

Bringing comfort to anyone who has lost a pet or human loved one, it fully acknowledges the process of grieving and encourages them to begin again when the time is right.

Perfect for pet lovers or someone grieving the loss of a loved one. The perfect gift to send a friend who has just lost a pet.

Essays include Mindfulness, Joy, Release, and Play
Recipes include juicer pulp dog biscuits, peanut butter kiss cookies, and Daisy cupcakes

A lovely, warm, touching tribute to love and loss and dogs. This book celebrates our human capacity to love as well as our ability to survive the most painful grieving process. The delightful recipes provide just the right kind of nurturing we might need along the way.”
Dr. Susan M. Turner

As a grief counselor, I encourage the bereaved to find a form of expression that will assist them in both remembering and honoring a loved one. I always encourage families to share stories with each other. By expressing the sadness, love, and joy for her beloved pet Buddy Girl, Stephanie has graciously shared in a heartfelt way the deep relationship our family pets can bring to our lives. It is not only okay to mourn them but important to treasure the time we had with them through creative ways, as in this book.”
Rev. Gary A. Halstead, PhD.

As a veterinarian I have experienced with people countless times the grief of losing a beloved pet. The story of Buddy Girl puts this grief into real, tangible language that will be understood and appreciated by all who have gone through such a devastating loss. The recipes add a unique twist, and to see the circle completed at the end of the book gives hope to anyone who reads it. A valuable resource for anyone who has lost a beloved animal companion.
Suzi Fincham-Gray, DVM

This was truly a labor of love, a testament to the joy that Buddy Girl brought us, and I hope you enjoy it.
Celebrating Buddy Girl

If you are a pet lover, please join the Golden Angels community on Facebook, and share photos and stories of YOUR beloved pets (past or present). Cat lovers welcome!