Cover art for Golden Angels e-book by Recipe RenovatorWe are doing our first FREE promotion day for Golden Angels today. Please help spread the word.

My mission for this book is to help people heal from the loss of a loved one, and to be able to love again. Gifting the book, or downloading it yourself today, helps give the book a boost on Amazon’s sales charts, making it more likely to be seen by potential readers.

It’s a wonderful gift to send someone who has recently lost a pet or loved one. Click here to get the book: available on Amazon for Kindle (and Kindle apps). Don’t have a Kindle? You can read a Kindle book on any computer and most tablets with their free software.

10% of all sales through May 31 will be donated to the San Diego Humane Society/SPCA.

13 inspirational essays. 13 delicious recipes. You’ll fall in love with baby Buddy Girl and Daisy May after just a few pages.

Here are excerpts from two of my favorite reviews so far:

“GOLDEN ANGELS reads as a collection of stories, essays, and vignettes about finding Buddy, living with her, losing her, and moving beyond her to love again. In one particularly moving segment, Weaver meditates on Buddy’s loss during a yoga class, envisioning the dog scampering about in the room, communicating with her in an almost telepathic way. Weaver remembers how often she cried during the weeks following Buddy’s death, and how hard it was to remember her beloved dog without falling to pieces. It was Buddy’s voice, during that yoga class, that told her, “You can miss me without being sad.” That’s an amazing lesson for all of us. We will all experience great loss as we live our lives – the loss of friends, of family, and yes, of beloved pets. The trick is to accept that love as blessed and perfect, to celebrate the time we had together, and to share that love with those we’ve yet to meet. That Weaver and her husband could welcome Daisy into their hearts with the same spirit of boundless joy that they felt for Buddy is testament to how much they learned from that relationship.”


“‘The day you bring home a dog, the clock starts. You know…that you will bury that dog. And the more you love that dog, the worse their death is going to hurt. You know it, yet you bring home the dog. Because having the dog and loving the dog are worth every second of pain when you lose them.’

Stephanie Weaver invites us in to her and her husband’s journey with Buddy and new beginnings with puppy Daisy in her book “Golden Angels.” More than a tribute to a beloved golden retriever, Weaver’s chronicle is a study of relationships–the author’s with her husband, with her animals, with her neighbors, and most importantly, with herself. Anyone who has loved anyone will find joy, empathy, and hope in her account of her life with Buddy.

The chapters are adeptly structured with references to “Angel Cards” guiding her journey, and punctuated with the author/chef’s recipes. The recipes have poignant connections to the stories told within each chapter: “If you have to gird your loins to do the difficult, this [chamomile-ginger tea with honey and lemon] drink will help. The ginger settles your stomach while the honey, lemon, and chamomile soothe your soul.”

I am purchasing this book for my pet-loving and parenting friends.”

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