Olive with doggy birthday cake from Betsy Life
Betsy is a local San Diego food blogger, healthy foodie, dog lover, and person-with-a-puppy-friendly-pool. What’s not to love about Betsy? Her sunny outlook shines out of every post. She created a doggy birthday cake for her new puppy Olive. Olive had Daisy over for a swimming playdate a few weeks ago. Daisy still doesn’t love the pool (and the claw-shaped bruises on my legs bear witness to that) but we’re getting closer to having a water dog who will actually go into the water. Thanks Betsy, and happy birthday Olive!

Happy Birthday Olive! I love you sweet dog! You filled up an empty place in my heart after we lost Grace, and you’ve made my life better in a million ways. Cheers to many more birthdays to come.