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This slim little book of 60 recipes is perfect for summer, whether you eat plant based or are simply dairy-free. The book is Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches: Cool Recipes for Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Creams and Cookies by Kris Holechek Peters, author of Nom Nom Nom Blog.
Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe | Review by Recipe Renovator

Layout and design:
The book is very cute, and the small size lends itself to the theme of ice cream sandwiches. The choice of light brown and blue type in sans serif font makes some pages a bit difficult to read.

There are 10 full color photographs in the book, giving you a sense of how the ice cream sandwiches look when they are finished.

Vegan Ice cream sandwich | Review of Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches | Recipe Renovator

From Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches Courtesy of Ulysses Press/Judi Swinks Photography

The author provides both classic recipes (chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream) as well as very unusual and intriguing combinations: carrot cake cookes with ginger nut ice cream, rhubarb cookies with sweet corn ice cream, sprinkle cookies with “cake batter” soy ice cream, and root beer float sandwiches all stood out.
Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches Page Spread | Review by Recipe Renovator
What I liked about the book:
The author clearly has made and tested a variety of vegan ice creams, and speaks authoritatively about texture and technique. I liked that she provides three bases: soy, coconut, and raw cashews, which allows for multiple special diets. There are three indices in the back: Ice cream sandwiches, ice creams, and cookies, making the book even more user-friendly.

I wasn’t so keen on:
None of the recipes for the cookies are gluten-free, nor are they low sodium. All include cane sugar.

Recommended for:
Vegans with a sweet tooth, dairy-free or lactose-intolerant eaters

Not recommended for:
Migraine sufferers, low-sodium, low-sugar, paleo, or gluten-free eaters

A note about my cookbook reviews: In the past, I tested at least three recipes from each book, took photos, and described my experience. Due to my dietary limitations (extremely-low-sodium for my Meniere’s Disease and trigger-free foods for migraine relief), it is no longer possible for me to test the recipes and do them justice.

Required FTC disclosure: I received one copy of this book from the publisher for the giveaway on July 25th.
Here’s the book if you want to see more: