Vegan Casseroles | Cookbook review on Recipe Renovator
I chose this cookbook to review for November because casseroles just seem perfect for fall-into-winter cooking. Julie Hasson has written another beautiful plant-based cookbook, Vegan Casseroles: Pasta Bakes, Gratins, Pot Pies, and More. Julie also wrote Vegan Pizza, reviewed here. We’ll be giving away this copy on Friday November 28th.

Vegan Casseroles | Cookbook review on Recipe Renovator

Layout and design:

Hasson begins with an introduction and then a chapter describing the vegan casserole pantry: ingredients as well as tools you’ll need. Recipes are divided into seven chapters: One-dish appetizers, Dutch-oven & skillet casseroles, Old favorites & new twists, Pasta casseroles, Vegetable casseroles, Dessert casseroles, and Sauces, toppings & basics. The book has lovely clean layout, with excellent choices in typeface and color to highlight the text while making it user-friendly.
Vegan Casseroles | Cookbook review on Recipe Renovator


Full-color photographs by Felicia Perretti are sprinkled throughout the manuscript, enough to give you the feeling it is fully illustrated. Having tried to take photographs of casseroles myself in the past, I can say that they are difficult and she did a great job.
Vegan Casseroles | Cookbook review on Recipe Renovator


More than 90 recipes, including Welsh rarebit casserole, pale ale stew, smoky corn and cheddar quiche, nacho tots casserole, boozy baked penne with caramelized onions, mushroom and quinoa enchiladas, and cinnamon-sugar cheesecake casserole. According to the author, all but four of the recipes are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. Note that the Gluten-Free red icon was only placed on recipes that are naturally gluten-free.

What I liked about the book:

Clean user-friendly layout. Gluten-free recipes are clearly marked; all but four are gluten-free or have a gluten-free variant. All were tested gluten-free due to the author’s own diet restrictions. Nice variety of recipes. Lovely photographs throughout.

I wasn’t so keen on:

Recipes were not coded for special diets (it would be helpful to include labels or icons for nut-free and soy-free recipes); nutritional analysis is not provided, which would be helpful for low-sodium eaters.

Recommended for:

Vegans, vegetarians, celiacs/gluten-free eaters, people looking for Meatless Monday recipes or wanting to eat more plant-based meals, people cooking occasionally for vegans and/or gluten-free eaters

Not recommended for:

Migraine, paleo, or low-sodium diets

A note about my cookbook reviews: In the past, I tested at least three recipes from each book, took photos, and described my experience. Due to my dietary limitations (extremely-low-sodium for my Meniere’s Disease and trigger-free foods for migraine relief), it is no longer possible for me to test the recipes and do them justice.

Required FTC disclosure: I received one copy of this book from the publisher for the giveaway on November 28th.
Here’s the book (it’s only $13 bucks!) if you want to see more: