Beautiful woman, floating

© 2013 Jenny Kacirk Lisenbee; used with permission

One of the things that is a constant in life is change. While we all know this, we forget.

I forget, over and over and over again. I am always surprised when things change, even though intellectually I know that change IS the constant.

I somehow feel that I should achieve this thing, this balance, this stasis, as if expecting that is completely normal. And then I’m bushwhacked when it all falls apart. Neighbors move, people die, my favorite social media platform gets an update… whatever it is, it’s shocking every time, and I feel sad.

But why?

I think in our culture we tend to expect things to stay the same, that achieving A Goal is what life is all about. Instead of savoring the process, we are constantly thinking ahead to the end result.

And yet, every minute of every day our body is changing, sloughing off cells, growing new cells, aging a tiny bit. The earth is spinning, in constant motion around the sun, and the solar system is also moving.

I had thought I had achieved my perfect diet, only to be thrown a curve ball. And I had to change 75% of it. Others have to get a hip replacement, find out they have breast cancer, lose a loved one, say goodbye to foster children, send kids off to college.

I am trying to embrace change and no longer see it as the enemy.

How do you handle change?