Breakfast pizza by Cookistry for Dog Days of Summer on Recipe RenovatorI met Donna Currie through a Facebook group called Cookbook Friends. Donna and I don’t eat the same way, but she is a whole foods blogger who also loves dogs and likes to support others through her blog. So I was truly grateful when Donna was the first person to join the Hop! Especially since we have never met in person. Donna shares her extensive knowledge of cooking and baking bread on Cookistry. This lovely pizza is neither gluten-free nor vegan, and that’s okay. Lots of you readers aren’t either. :)

For some reason pizza seems like summer food to me – it’s what we ordered when it was too hot to cook. Now, I usually make my own pizza, but it’s still good summer food. I can make it on the grill if it’s too hot in the house.

And, it’s good cold. It’s like a whole different food once it has chilled. Read how to make Donna’s breakfast pizza here.