Beet Greens with potatoes and Nigella seeds | A Dog Days of Summer post from Westchester MasalaMy friend Rinku lives about 30 minutes away from where I grew up. We’ve never met, yet I adore her food. I reviewed her wonderful book The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles here. She created this dish for my Dog Days of Summer blog hop to help support my Kickstarter. I love beet greens too. She promises to make me a vegan Bengali dinner the next time I get out East.

Meetings in a world where family members do not live close to each other often entail farewells and tonight was Mom’s last dinner with us for this visit. Among other things, I cooked some beet greens with potatoes, using a simple Bengali seasoning. My love for beet greens is well known, and to add some spark to our family repertoire I created this recipe to join the other summer beet greens recipe that is already a family favorite.

The delicate reds in the leaves seep into the potatoes giving them a pretty and very unique color. This recipe is also created for Stephanie for her Dog Days of Summer event that supports her Kickstarter project. I hope that you will consider stopping by to support the project.