Stephanie Weaver and Daisy

My natural hair color. The waves are a gift of menopause. Who knew?!

I have actually thought a lot about aging gracefully  in recent years. I fought aging until about age 48… not to the botox level, but trying every new wrinkle cream out there. Of course I eat well and try to exercise, which helps. But I wouldn’t say I was particularly graceful about it. And then my friend Peg got sick.

Peg—the picture of health, never overweight, ate well, exercised thoughtfully—got uterine cancer. And we thought she had gotten over it. And then it came back, in spades. Stage IV. Zero percent chance of survival.

Peg, while tiny, is a force to be reckoned with, and she did not accept her diagnosis. Instead she found a local healing center, moved in for six months, and completely changed her life, her diet, and even her name. See Peg’s healing story here.

Stephanie with Toys

The old me, with highlights and lowlights, and my Consultant’s ‘Do

This had a profound effect on me, and not just because she is such a good friend. She eagerly passed on all that she was learning about toxins in our environment and how they affect us. Her journey was one reason I shifted to a plant-based diet and got rid of nearly all of my cosmetics, lotions, and potions. And I stopped coloring my hair.

I’m lucky, because my hair color is kinda groovy, and I know from my Auntie Ruth that it will continue to go a lighter and lighter apricot on my way to gray. I stopped fighting the waves, and had my hairdresser cut it to bring out the curl. And I decided that I feel good with long hair, despite what the conventional wisdom is. So I ditched the haircut I “should” have and let it morph into my long hippy hair.

I also decided to stop worrying about my wrinkles. Because truthfully, once the estrogen starts leaving your body, no amount of face cream makes one bit of difference.

In Hawai'i

Honestly, are you focusing on the wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes? Or do you see a woman really happy to be in Hawai’i?

Would I like to see fewer wrinkles in the mirror? Sure.

Would I like to look down at my knees and see firmer skin there?

Yes. Yes I would.

But when I see beautiful older women, they have wrinkles and laugh lines and they exude an inner light. And that’s free.

I try to see myself through my husband’s eyes, who doesn’t see that I have aged one bit since we met more than 15 years ago.

I am so grateful to be healthy and to have a healthy husband. I am so grateful to have been given 51-and-three-quarter-years. I am not going to pretend I’m younger or apologize for my age… I’m going to celebrate it.

How do you feel about aging? Are you embracing it?