German Anise CookiesIt occurred to me when I was putting together my anise cookie recipe that there are a lot of steps to baking cookies, especially roll-out cookies. So here are some helpful hints.

Here is the list of equipment you’ll need for most roll-out cookies:

Note that cookies will bake more quickly in dark-colored pans than on light-colored pans, so set your timer for the shorter amount of time and check them. The insulated pans make it less likely your cookies will burn on the bottom, as the layer of air protects them. I clear off the stovetop so that the heat venting from the oven doesn’t melt something, like, say, the edge of my teakettle. Not that that ever happened.

  • Oven thermometer
    (thermostats are notoriously inconsistent)
  • Parchment paper
    (keeps cookies from sticking, can be re-used, no cleanup, no oil)
  • Rolling pin
  • Flour scoop
    (a large spoon works fine but the scoop is more fun)
  • Offset spatula
    (to move the delicate cut cookies from the board to your pan)
  • Timer (I cover it with a plastic bag so I don’t get flour and dough all over it)

You’ll find 10 more helpful tips for cookie baking from the Food Blogga here. Happy baking!