Smoked guacamole with The Smoking Gun from Recipe RenovatorI first saw this product on my friend Laura’s blog Family Spice. You might see this used on the show Chopped along with other products made by Polyscience, including their sous vide machine and the anti-griddle, which freezes things placed on it nearly instantly. I’ll be giving away one of these nifty table-top cold smokers on Friday. Here’s how it works.

Place the food in a container and cover it with plastic wrap. In this case, it was guacamole with coconut bacon, inspired by Laura’s smoky bacon guacamole.

You put a few tiny bits of wood chips in the smoking unit, turn on the fan, and light them. Smoky guacamole using The Smoking Gun The units come with two types of wood chips for different flavors of smoke, and you can purchase additional chips online and in stores like Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table.

Once the container is full of smoke, you remove the tube, close the plastic and leave it closed for 30 seconds. That’s it!Making smoked guacamole with The Smoking Gun | Recipe Renovator

I also tried smoking a spinach salad…Making smoked guacamole with The Smoking Gun

And tofu, using kukicha Japanese tea in place of the wood chips.

What I liked about the product:
It was super easy to use, and the instructions were very clear. They have lots of great recipe ideas on their website, too. You can add smoke flavor to soup, cocktails, or anything in a blender. While the little wood chips are a bit pricey, you hardly use any of them, and you can certainly opt to use other types of material to burn. I couldn’t detect much difference between the applewood chips and the tea.

I wasn’t so keen on:
It’s easy to oversmoke food… when they say 30 seconds, they mean 30 seconds! You have to use this outside.

I recommend this for:
People who love smoked foods, especially vegans who want that meaty taste. Anyone who does fancy dinner parties and wants to wow guests. Chefs or caterers. And guys, because it involves fire. You can order it here.

Required FTC disclosure: My thanks to Polyscience and Laura of Family Spice for loaning me the unit to test. I was not paid to write this post.

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