Vegan cream cheeseI was approached by Galaxy Nutritional Foods to do a tasting and review of their vegan cream cheese, plain and chive-and-garlic flavored.

I had not tried either product before. I’ve bought their competitor’s product, made by Tofutti. Sadly, I did not like the Galaxy products as much as their competitor. Here’s why:

Spreadability: This cream cheese substitute is very spreadable.

Taste: It tastes a little chalky or gritty. This can be hidden if you eat it with something else, like jam on toast.

Blendability: I used the chive-and-garlic version to make a dip for a party I went to last night. It did a great job of carrying the other flavors of the dip.

Melty-ness: I tried stuffing the dip inside fresh dates and grilling them. This cheese did not really melt (which I know is asking a lot of a vegan cheese).

Baking: I used the plain version and tried making a vegan cheesecake. This was a big fail. The texture was completely wrong. It was so bad that we ended up throwing it out. See notes below.

Tummy compatibility: Twice when I ate this, I had some GI discomfort afterwards. That could just be me.

Eco-friendly: This and the competitor’s product come in little plastic tubs. As you know, I am trying really hard to buy less of these.

Verdict: On the rare occasions that I feel I need to make cheesecake, I would go back to the competitor’s product, which does contain sugar but is far superior for baking.

My thanks to Galaxy Nutritional Foods for sending me the samples to try. I was not paid to write this post.

Notes about vegan cheesecake from Mimi Clark, the Veg Gourmet: In baking, you can’t always substitute one for one. Because the total fat content in Galaxy cream cheese is almost twice that of the competition,  and the saturated fat content in Galaxy is 2-1/2 times that of the competition,  the end result will be more liquid (less dense) unless you adjust the recipe to allow for the added fat. Bakers call this “mouth feel.” I had to experiment with the recipe numerous times to get it just right. 

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