Luces GF bread mixes | Product review on Recipe RenovatorI had the opportunity to test two of the new artisan bread mixes by Luce’s, and they are delicious! They sent me Sourdough and New Italian. Both produced bakery-quality bread as promised.

First I tried the sourdough, which is something I have missed. You simply add warm water to the flour mixture. The instructions are extremely detailed, which I appreciated. I used my Kitchen-Aid (one option) and it was super-easy. You place the dough on the provided pre-cut sheet of parchment, shaping it into a loaf with a wet spatula. You dust the outside with the provided rice flour, and then slide the entire loaf into the provided parchment baking bag.Luces GF bread mixes | Product review on Recipe RenovatorAfter baking for 85 minutes, it comes out like this.Luces GF bread mixes | Product review on Recipe RenovatorThe crust was extremely hard, almost too crusty (I was afraid I had broken a tooth on the first bite!) but truly tasted like real bread, with excellent sourdough flavor. It makes a smallish loaf (they say it bakes into a 13 oz. loaf), which they say complements dinner for 4.Luces GF bread mixes | Product review on Recipe RenovatorYou can see the quality of the texture inside. If using, plan on 3-4 hours before eating: 30-60 minutes for the suggested rise (can skip), 1.5 hours to bake, 2 hours to cool for best results. Here’s the Italian, delightfully crusty with a tender interior. Luces GF Italian Bread | Review on Recipe Renovator

What I liked about this product:
Very clear and detailed instructions gave me total confidence as I was baking. Vegan. Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Excellent end result.

I wasn’t so keen on:
The $7.95 price tag (per loaf) puts it on the pricey side, but I might purchase it for a special dinner if I didn’t have time to make my own. The mixes contain xanthan gum, which some people are sensitive to.

Recommended for:
Celiacs who are craving artisan bread. Anyone gluten-free and vegan.

Required FTC disclosure: I received the bread mixes from Luce’s. I was not paid to write this post.

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