Gluten-free Conscious BoxConscious Box is a company that curates eco-friendly products and sends you a box of samples once a month. This is the gluten-free box, and here was what was inside. There was one full-size product and the rest were samples.Gluten-Free Conscious Box insideNot all products in the gluten-free box are vegan, but all are earth-friendly and produced by companies that are vetted by Conscious Box. I definitely was interested in a few of the products, including Waxelene, a petroleum jelly alternative, Relax-All sleep aid, and the Suki Butter Cream Healing Salve.Vegan Conscious BoxThis is the vegan Conscious Box, which included two full-size products plus many additional samples.Vegan Conscious Box inside

What I liked about it:
It was exciting to receive the box and see what was inside, like getting a box of presents. All the products were very high quality, and the full-size products were great. I definitely learned about products I would not have known about otherwise. I appreciate the company’s commitment to the environment… they use post-consumer recycled packaging, wind power, and have designed their box size for maximum efficiency. I appreciate that they vet every single company. They do offer points for purchasing and writing reviews that you can redeem for full-sized items on the site.

I wasn’t so keen on:
I wish they had a box that was vegan AND gluten-free, instead of one or the other. I personally would prefer fewer items and more full size items, instead of so many samples. I am not sure that I would pay $19.95 a month for the service; I might if it were $9.95.

I recommend this for:
People who love to find out about new products; dedicated vegans; celiacs who want to learn about new product options (especially for non-food items like cosmetics).