October Unprocessed Make your own ToothpasteAn October Unprocessed surprise: It has reduced my use of plastic in unexpected ways. It’s inspired me to try making more household, personal care, and pantry staples myself.

“You made your own toothpaste?”


“Wow… is that like a gateway drug? What’s next?”

I keep thinking about that question… What was my gateway drug? It might have been my first bottle of hot sauce. Seeing how easy, delicious, and satisfying it was led me to start making my own salad dressing, then mayo, then my own pickles and pickle relish, barbeque sauce… you get the idea.

It’s been a goal of mine to reduce the amount of plastic I consume. Yes, I re-use it and yes, I recycle it. But I keep thinking there has to be a better way. I was challenged (in both a good, and a frustrating way) by the Zero-Waste Home blog, and I’ve been trying to build small changes into my life.

I wait until I run out of something, and then I look on the Internet to see if I can make it at home. Shampoo from baking soda and conditioner from apple cider vinegar? Check. Toothpaste? Check. (Still working on the “recipe” as this one has too much salt in it to be pleasant for the long haul.)

Margarine? I was really missing margarine this month. Lo and behold, Mattie—the genius behind VeganBaking—analyzed butter and then came up with a perfected vegan version. Now, October Unprocessed purists will argue that lecithin is not an unprocessed ingredient. But I have it in my pantry, and the recipe looked easy. And it is amazing. I’ll keep playing with it to make a more spreadable version for our home use, but if you’ve been wanting to reduce the amount of plastic tubs in your life, here you go.

And of course, I went down the home-fermenting rabbit hole as well, making miso-fermented tofu cheese, sauerkraut and now kombucha (instructions will be posted soon).

I appreciate the way October Unprocessed has pushed me in new directions, and gotten me to think even more creatively about the products I use every day. How has it inspired or challenged you?

Today’s post is part of our mission to help you build a healthy life through food and lifestyle choices. Look for posts on Mondays featuring gluten-free, sugar-free recipes made with healthy plant-based ingredients.