TofuXpress loadedOn Monday I showed you #1… Press the water out of extra-firm tofu and then grill it like satay. Here are six more ways to use this great little gadget.

If you are using Trader Joe’s super-firm (extra-firm) tofu, make sure you cut off one slice and put it on the side. Otherwise you can put too much pressure on the press and sad things happen.

TofuXpress loaded with tofu

Put the extra slice on the side, likey this.

#2 Press extra-firm tofu and then grate it. You can marinate the grated tofu with any marinade and then toss it into a stir-fry or my breakfast hash.

#3 Use grated tofu in recipes that call for TVP if you don’t want to buy TVP.

TofuXpress after 30 minutes

After just 30 minutes, more than 1/4 C. of liquid has been pressed out of super-firm tofu.

#4 Grate vegetables like zucchini or mushrooms that have a high water content, then press the water out before cooking or baking with them (think zucchini bread or mushroom quiche).

#5 Use it to make cashew cheese. Blend soaked cashews with lemon juice and some nutritional yeast, using as little moisture as possible in the blender. Put clean muslin or cheesecloth in the TofuXpress, then add the cashew paste. Cover with more fabric then put the press on. After a few hours, you will have cashew cheese that’s about the consistency of cream cheese… lovely and spreadable.

#6 Press the water out of portabella mushrooms to make them even meatier-tasting when you cook them.

#7 If you are brave enough to make your own tofu, like La Fuji Mama, you can use the press to make a lovely block of tofu. (For this I would recommend buying the light tension spring attachment.)

Enjoy! Want to win a TofuXpress of your very own? Enter our sweepstakes here.