Forget whatever you’ve seen or read about roasting red peppers. I have a foolproof, easy technique. All you need is a knife, cutting board, heavy-duty aluminum foil, a paper bag, and a broiler.
Wash the peppers, dry them, and slice them down the middle.

Remove the core, seeds, and any white membrane. I put these into a container in the freezer to make stock with later.

Make vertical cuts in all the curved parts of the pepper. Your goal is to be able to flatten them out as much as possible, creating an even surface to blacken.

Flip them over and flatten them out with your hand.

Place them on heavy-duty aluminum foil. I use heavy-duty foil because I can clean and re-use it multiple times before recycling it. Thinner foil doesn’t work well for this.

Place in the broiler, as close to the flame as possible.

Set the timer for 5 minutes. (If you don’t own a kitchen timer, check your microwave. It has one built in.) They should be getting black and the skin should be blistering.

After another 2-3 minutes, spin the foil around 180 degrees, so the blackening continues evenly. It takes about 12 minutes in my broiler.

This is what they should look like.

Use a tongs to pull the peppers off the foil and drop them into a clean paper bag. Fold down the top of the bag to keep in the steam.

Let them sit for 15 or more minutes while you do something else.

Ignore the bag. Really.

Once they’re cool, you can put them on a cutting board and easily remove the skin with your fingers. The blackened skin goes in my compost pile.

You can slice them lengthwise to add to a salad or pasta, or throw them in a blender to make a delicious sauce or soup.