Recipe Renovator 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

My top picks for holiday shopping this year

With Black Friday just next week, I put together a list of my top picks for gift items in my holiday gift guide for this year. Some are classics, some are new. But they’re sure to please someone in your life.

The best book I’ve read this year, and in a very long time. This is one I will turn back to over and over again. Especially inspiring given our current political climate.

My book is now on pre-order, and you undoubtedly know someone who gets migraine attacks, because 1 in 7 people gets them. Slip the order email into a card or a stocking to surprise someone you care about with my guide to creating a migraine-friendly lifestyle.

From the Satellite Sisters, who host my absolute favorite podcast. Funny, touching, and warm, this is the perfect gift for a sister or close friend, especially one you don’t see very often.

For someone who loves to cook, buy this coffee and spice grinder and a box set of Spicely Organics whole spices (found at Whole Foods or use their store locator). They’ll be inspired!

Know someone who is gluten-free? This is one of the best baking books I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a LOT of them.

Need a fun stocking stuffer? I can’t believe how often I use my Microplane zester/grater. It’s awesome.

One of the most stunningly beautiful books I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Proceeds benefit the Palestinian House of Friendship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving at-risk youth.

If you know anyone who is on a low-carb eating plan, or who wants to lose weight, this would be a loving gift to give in private. The original book is excellent.

I am still loving making high-quality meat in the Hamilton Beach Sous Vide Slow Cooker. I’ll be making Thanksgiving dinner for two in it next week. If you buy this for someone you might also want to order one of Jason Logsdon’s excellent books on how to cook sous vide.