Go Picnic product review | Recipe RenovatorI recently attended a support group meeting of the Celiac Sprue Association and won this snack box to try out.

What I liked about this product:

  • It’s a self-contained meal that is vegan and gluten-free, which is incredibly rare!
  • Plenty of protein, not just carbs.
  • Portion-controlled.
  • The dark chocolate with sea salt was the highlight.

I wasn’t so keen on:

  • The crackers were stale.
  • Even though it provides 380 calories, I am not sure this would feel like a full meal to me.
  • The hummus was messy.
  • It would have been nice to have a napkin in the box.

I would recommend this for:

  • People who like or need prepared foods that are vegan and gluten-free.
  • People needing snacks that need no refrigeration.
  • Dashing through an airport and needing a safe, gluten-free snack.

Required FTC disclosure: I won this product, which was provided to the support group coordinator. I was not paid to write this post.

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