The Artful Vegan cookbookThis is one of my aspirational cookbooks: The Artful Vegan: Fresh Flavors from the Millennium Restaurant. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at Millenium twice, and both meals were memorable. We will be giving away a personally signed copy on Friday.

What do I mean by aspirational? I tend to pull this cookbook out over the holidays or for special occasions. Each recipe, similar to Great Chefs Cook Vegan, is actually 3-5 recipes combined. For example, the recipe for yuca-black bean cakes includes both a roasted tomato salsa and a mango, mustard, and habañero sauce. I have made butternut squash cakes, chanterelle mushroom chana dal, black quinoa cakes, the ultimate vegan nog, and cucumber raita. All delicious.

Indian food | The Recipe Renovator

Cucumber raita on the left, along with my Indian-spiced cranberry chutney, two dishes from The Bengali Five Spice Chronicles, and saffron rice

What I liked about this book:
The book is packed full of sauces, sides, and excellent presentation ideas. I could cook from it for a year. The color photography is beautiful, and the coated paper is pleasing to the touch. The book is well designed and easy to read and use.

I wasn’t so keen on:
My only critique is that making one entire recipe is not realistic for most people. Not all the recipes are gluten-free, but I can work around that.

I recommend this for:
Anyone who has been cooking vegan for a while and wants to up their game; people who want to learn more about vegan cuisine; personal chefs or caterers who need to cook high-end vegan food for clients.

We’ll be giving away this beautiful cookbook on Friday, personally signed for the winner by Chef Eric Tucker.

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