Reader Derith M. writes:
Stephanie, how does one substitute agave for regular white sugar in, say, a pie? Is there a measurement difference, like 1 cup sugar is equal to ______ of agave? Or is agave even recommended for baking?

Derith, thanks for the question. Yes, you can use agave to bake. If not, I wouldn’t have lasted this long sugar-free!

I substitute 3/4 C. of agave syrup for 1 C. of white (or brown) sugar, and reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees. Agave will brown more quickly, so you also need to check it a bit sooner than your recipe might call for. You will have to play with it a little bit… You sometimes need to reduce another moisture element in order for the consistency to be right. For example, you could reduce the oil, or applesauce, or use one less egg, depending on the recipe.

Note that I don’t use a convection oven for my baking. Always check to make sure you’re buying organic agave syrup that contains no fillers.

Just wanted to let you know I incorporated the agave as a substitute in my apple pie tonight… no one noticed at all and raves all around. Here’s a picture.