Warrior Pose book coverI was excited to attend the sold-out launch of this book by my yoga teacher Bhava Ram, who was known for his many years as a correspondent for NBC News as Brad Willis. I’ll be writing a full review and giveaway next month, but for now I wanted to share some thoughts on how it inspired me.

Many people reviewing this book will mention Willis’ amazing journey. He has literally traveled the globe, had astounding access to some of the late 20th-century’s key historical events, and lived the rarified life of a well-paid foreign correspondent for NBC News.

His journey from his million dollar apartment overlooking glittering Hong Kong through a crippling back injury, drug addiction, and terminal cancer diagnosis to become the man you see on the cover of the book is truly remarkable.

But what struck me most about this book was the deep, passionate, abiding love he has for his son. It was this love, more than anything else, more than his love for his first wife, or his work, or even himself, that drove him to find a way to heal.

It’s rare to see a man write about this love and this bond in such a raw and intimate way and I appreciate that he shared so deeply.

This is a book for fathers, and for adventurers, and for those who need to heal. But it’s also a book for sons.

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