Twenty Terrific Low-Sodium CondimentsOne of the very first things you really need when going on a low-sodium diet is condiments, because food tastes terrible (if you go low-sodium overnight, like I did, which I do NOT recommend). All I wanted was something with flavor!

I decided to take some of my time off and develop a condiments book for other people also on the low-sodium diet, but these are also fantastic for anyone. Make your own balsamic ketchup, whole-grain mustard, Sriracha, pickle relish, and more!

Create your own salt-free versions of barbecue sauce, egg-free mayo, hot sauce, margarine, Thai curry paste, four different salad dressings, and four special sauces. All recipes are also gluten-free and vegetarian (a few contain honey but no other animal products).

50 pages

Complete with an ingredient list explaining which ingredients you need and why. All recipes are brand-new, formulated to fit low-sodium diets (under 140 mg/serving, all are under 50 mg/serving).

There are twenty recipes in all, just $4.99, on Kindle, iPad, and PDF for color tablets.