This is one of those talks that gets better each time I watch it. What is especially cool is that three of the five people who ended up on stage with Matt are my friends. Mary Platis is California Greek Girl, and that’s her husband Mike. Mimi Holtz owns an avocado ranches and writes Mimi Avocado.

Now here’s a little behind-the-scenes tidbit. Matt is both super-nice and a tall, substantial guy. Why tell you this?

Shortly before his talk, Matt was backstage talking to some of the musicians. I was walking down the hall, Matt was telling a great story, and suddenly he gestured, smacking me right in the kisser with his big heavy watch. Had I not partially ducked, I would have been laid out on the ground. He was incredibly apologetic, of course, and I went off in search of some ice so I didn’t spend the day with a fat lip.

Matt Emerzian of Every Monday Matters

Matt Emerzian of Every Monday Matters

Thanks a lot, Matt!

Since I have supported Meatless Monday from Day One on this blog, I truly do believe that Every Monday Matters.

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