Green Smoothies book review | Recipe Renovator

I received Green Smoothies for Every Season: A Year of Farmers Market– Fresh Super Drinks by Kristine Miles a while back, and am playing catch-up on my reviews. I thought it would be interesting to include it this month, as I’m also giving away The Blender Girl cookbook on Friday.

Layout and design:
It’s a small hardcover book with a glossy finish, which helps keep cookbooks clean. The entire book is two-color, green and black ink with illustrations throughout. The book starts with an overview of smoothie ingredients, health benefits, ripeness, additional ingredients like natural sweeteners, herbs, nuts and seeds. It’s organized by season, beginning with Spring. I thought this organization made a lot of sense, as it features produce ripe throughout the year (North American schedule).
Green Smoothies book review | Recipe RenovatorArtwork:
The book uses pretty line drawings instead of photographs, which is a nice change and a great solution to keep costs down for color printing.
Green Smoothies book review | Recipe RenovatorRecipes:
Clever titles like creamy pear persuasion, mid-winter’s warmth, and insalata caprese green smoothie give lots to choose from throughout the year, 52 recipes in all.

What I liked about the book:
Nice layout, tons of diversity in the recipes.

I wasn’t so keen on:
The recipe pages have a green background and some smallish type faces on them, making them harder to read, which is unfortunate. No nutritional analysis, so no idea if the recipes qualify as low-sodium.

Recommended for:
Anyone seeking to eat more healthfully, people who already make a lot of smoothies who are looking for a variety of recipes; vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, gluten-free eaters

Not recommended for:
Migraine sufferers; without nutritional analysis, I can’t recommend for low-sodium diets

A note about my cookbook reviews: In the past, I tested at least three recipes from each book, snapping a photo of them, and telling you about my experience. Due to my dietary limitations (extremely-low-sodium for my Meniere’s Disease and trigger-free foods for migraine relief), it is no longer possible for me to test the recipes and do them justice. I’ll continue to review cookbooks without the recipe testing.

Required FTC disclosure: I received one copy of this book from the publisher for the giveaway on May 30th.
Here’s the book if you’d like to see more: